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Commitment to innovation

This has always been the spirit of this Award, which is now in its 20th year, but which aims to be newer and more innovative than ever.

The Talgo Award for Technological Innovation was created in 1999 with the aim of promoting creativity and innovation in the railway sector. For almost two decades, across all editions, the Award selected those projects that allowed for further innovation in railway technology.  From 2019 onwards, a second innovation category has been included: Mobility. Since this Award could not be removed from the great challenges and issues that the mobility of people in the 21st century poses. Each year, the Award looks for two winning projects: one in the Railway Technology category and the other in Mobility. Both are driven by innovation and aim to improve the world we live in. Do you have an idea?  Maybe this Award is the ideal platform to develop your idea. Tell us about it and take part!

– What is innovation for you? –

Transformation, value… Find the most inspiring answers in these videos:
20 years rewarding innovation.
Categories: Technology and Mobility.
New 2023: International scope.
Global mobility, not just rail.

– Meet the 2022 Winners –

These are the two winning projects of the 2022 Edition.
José Estaire, Inés Crespo, Javier Moreno, Ángel Tijera, Rubén Ruiz and Natalia Montero.
Project: Determining the Critical Speed of Railway Sections
Celia Loaiza, Eduardo Jauregui, Antonio Ojeda, Rafael Ortiz and Carlos Cabrera.
Project: Mitochondria

– XX Edition Awards Gala –

Here you have a gallery with the best moments of the Awards Gala of the XX Edition of the Award.

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