Frequently Asked Questions


How many times can I apply for the Award?

The same project can be presented in up to 3 consecutive editions of the Talgo Award for Technological Innovation. If a project is submitted for the fourth consecutive time, it will be automatically disqualified. After three years, you can resubmit your project, resetting the number of times you have submitted your project to zero.

However, a person/company may present as many projects as they wish, both in the same edition and in new editions, as long as the projects presented are different.

How can I submit the declaration of authorship?

The declaration of authorship and originality is a signed document that must be submitted at the time of sending the work, where you must declare that you are the author of the work, that it is an original project and that you are aware of the legal bases of the Award. You can download an example in this link.

What is the maximum length of the project?

The project report should not exceed 20 pages in length. However, annexes may be attached to complement the information if needed.

What is the maximum length of the video?

The length of the video explaining the project’s objective and motivation should not exceed 60 seconds. It is not a mandatory field, but it is recommended for project evaluation.

What is the evaluation process?

Once all the projects have been received and the deadline has passed, June 1, 2024, the documentation will be sent to the Selection Committees for evaluation. The Committees will have approximately one month to evaluate the projects, and will meet to choose the three finalists in each category, with the possibility of leaving one or both categories vacant.

After the evaluation of the Committees, the finalist projects are submitted to the Jury, who will have approximately two months to evaluate them. The Jury will meet during the month of September to jointly select the winners in both categories.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Both the Selection Committees and the Jury will analyse and evaluate the projects according to the scores and fields established in a detailed evaluation rubric. The indicators included in this rubric are:

  • Degree of innovation: the novelty and improvement of the product or service presented will be assessed, not only in the mobility sector, but also in other sectors.
  • Relation to the railway sector: only in the Railway Technology category. It will be analysed whether the project describes a solution directly related to the railway sector, with reference to the rolling stock subsystem.
  • Technical description of the proposal: it will be examined whether the final result achieved is justified with a good technical development and adequate theoretical basis, being a useful, applicable and value-adding result.
  • Description of the economic proposal: it will be considered whether the final result of the project includes a correct economic justification.
  • Alignment with strategic innovation themes: it will be assessed whether the project is aligned with strategic innovation themes in the sector, developing a solution that covers at least one of them: safety, availability and versatility, user experience, energy efficiency and sustainability, and smart trains.
  • Degree of development: the degree of proximity to the market and/or its stage of development will be studied.

When will the resolution of the Award be communicated?

The resolution of the Award will be made public during the awards gala. However, after the Jury’s evaluation in September, all participants will be informed whether they are finalists or not.

Do I have to select which category I am applying for at any point in the process?

No, once received, Talgo will categorize the project in the corresponding category.

Can I extend or modify my project once it has been submitted?

Yes, the project may be extended or modified as long as such modification is made before June 1, 2024 at 23:59. To do so, please contact indicating name and surname, project name and attaching the document to be modified.

To whom is this Award addressed? Who can apply?

The Talgo Award for Technological Innovation is open to any person or company with an innovative idea that adds value to our industry. Any natural person, as well as any administration, entity, body or public or private organization, both at national and international level, may apply.

No member of Talgo’s staff or its Foundation shall be eligible for the 21st edition of the Talgo Award for Technological Innovation. The members of the Selection Committee and the members of the Official Jury, as well as their relatives, are also ineligible.